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Improving SPF operations through technology

25 June, 2021

NETe2 Asia is honoured to be part of the Singapore Police Force’s Self-Help Kiosk and Found Property Dropbox projects, as SPF seeks to modernise customer service counter operations and provide round the clock services to members of the public.

The project is mentioned in the minister’s speech above @ 1:57.

Self-Help Kiosk

The self service e-reporting touchpoint with built-in VC capabilities, remote support and facial recognition technology. The Self-Help Kiosk Module (SHK) allows MOP at the Customer Service Counter to lodge online electronic reports, real time Video Conference/ Video Call (VC) with the police officer through its user friendly touch enable Graphical User Interface.

Found Property Dropbox

The fully automated lost and found items deposit kiosk, processes on average over 500 transactions on average per month. The new and improved version of the FPD, utilize roller-based bag dispenser for ease or consumable replacement. Built-in thermal printer allows MOP to receive printed receipt upon transaction completion

To learn more about our Self-Help Kiosk or more on our Found Property Dropbox, do contact us  or email us at contact@nete2asia.com

Video by Singapore Police Force

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