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Penta Ocean - CCTV Monitoring System

NETe2 Asia assists Penta Ocean to better monitor their construction site with automatic number plate recognition.

The Challenge

Penta Ocean required a system to monitor the loading of spoils for hired contractors’ disposal trucks entering the site. Using CCTVs, the system should ensure that entering trucks are empty and the quality of spoils being loaded.

Site limitations made it impractical to place physical wires as these may cause disruptions to construction works.


The Solution

NETe2 Asia installed CCTVs equipped with automatic number plate recognition at the loading point. Another CCTV at the inspection tower records the spoil quality. In addition, five strategically placed CCTVs monitor the site.

To facilitate connectivity, wireless access points are placed to enable streaming and monitoring from the office with ease.

Monitoring with Number Plate Recognition

Two CCTVs are installed at the loading point. A top viewing CCTV ensures that the trucks are empty before loading and the quality of spoils being loaded. A front viewing camera activates automatic number plate recognition as soon as the number plate comes into the camera frame. The system then analyses the video and records a picture once the number plate is recognised.

Sitewide Monitoring

In addition to the CCTVs at the loading bay, five additional cameras are installed across the construction site to allow for monitoring.

Wireless Access

Cables may cause disruption of construction works. Furthermore, distances between camera points and workstations exceed the recommended limit.

Our resolution was to install wireless access points to connect the cameras and the users. This facilitates streaming and enables remote monitoring of the construction site from office workstations.

CCTV Monitoring with Analytics


A security guard can never be everywhere at once, nor do they have the ability to scan 360 degrees from above. A system such as ours, provides you with more eyes and angles on your site than a person on the ground ever could.

Lessen Manpower

Manned Security comes at a cost, especially when it’s required 24 hours a day. By providing you with “eyes” over your entire site, a CCTV system can help to reduce costs on manpower.



With analytics, there are countless possiblities such as detection for intrusion, region entrance/exit, motion detection, number plate recognition and many others.

CCTV Monitoring with Hikvision

NETe2 Asia partners Hikvision, a leading provider of video surveillance solutions, to deliver this project. 

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