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Video walls have been around for quite some time now. So much so, people have become familiar with them.

You see them spanning the outside walls of buildings, visible from a great distance.

They are common in shopping malls. Where they are seen flashing adverts, displaying products, and showing the calendar of mall events.

They are synonymous with movies – a predictable scene would be when the head of an evil organisation suddenly appears on the United Nations’ video wall, demanding billions of dollars in ransom! 

And, they have become the norm in the corporate world as well – you will find them, boldly displaying their wares, in government agencies, the stock exchange, banks, investment houses, corporate offices, etc.

However, corporates intending to install their own video walls may face the following challenges:

  1. Trying to configure the right number of screens to form one continuous video wall canvas.
  2. Trying to pull different input sources to project seamlessly and clearly onto the video wall canvas.
  3. Trying to configure the interface easily.  Does one need vast amounts of training and technical knowledge? 

Fortunately, one name has scrutinised, studied, and resolved all these shortcomings in the most revolutionary way – the Radium controller series by NETe2asia.

NETe2asia is a well-established name in the world of video conferencing, here in Singapore and throughout the region.

Renowned for servicing a broad range of clients – from Government agencies to universities to corporate companies.

NETe2asia is also recognized for developing many game-changing products that have set the standard in the video conferencing industry.  

And one product from their range, the Radium controller series, has truly catapulted the company to the forefront of video wall innovation.

Radium controllers. The possibility of the video wall is now limitless.

Radium video wall controller series promise:

  • Effortless Customisation
  • Voice Control Capabilities
  • Scalable Operating System
  • Unprecedented Graphics
  • User-friendly Software

The controllers constantly go through rapid software upgrades, where new applications are regularly added to heighten their already powerful capabilities.

All with the intention of meeting the ever-changing and demanding needs of the market. And because NETe2asia owns the technology, each version can be customised to address different requirements. Today, the high bar set by the company, has been set even higher with the advent of the Radium Version 4.0.

According to NETe2asia Managing Director, Mark Chng and Product Head, Colin Soon, video wall controllers, in the early days, could only project 1 piece of content to 1 screen.

But the Radium controller changed all that, promising the operator a world of limitless creativity to display content.

Go ahead, mix and match your content.

With the Radium controller, an operator can mix and match different content, projecting them onto any part of the video wall, while having the option of customising the interface, to suit one’s preference.

For example, if you were to assemble 16 screens to form one canvas (video wall), the Radium controller allows you to display 20 (or even more) independent content pieces, simultaneously.  

You can move them around, enlarge or reduce them, even doubling the space of a virtual window (via Adaptive Doubling).

And you can do all of this, without experiencing any glitching or distortion (it can even undistort video input from a fish-eye camera)!

An interface so easy, anyone can master it.

The limiting thing with other video wall controllers is, everything is programmed by a system interpreter. If you wanted to change the configuration, you had to summon the system interpreter to come over, to make changes for you. This archaic practice is time consuming, incurs unnecessary cost, and raises your level of frustration.

The Radium controller’s interface – the Radium Manager, on the other hand, is made to be so simple. By just sitting through an hour’s worth of training, you can master all its functions and operations! With this short training, anyone can change content, change the layout of the user experience and manipulate the whole canvas, just by using the touch-screen function (in-built since 2014).

You can simply drag and drop content, switch input rapidly, all by the use of a finger. In fact, it’s as easy as PowerPoint! If you can master PowerPoint, you can master the controller’s interface in no time!

Reach for higher quality content.

Typical video wall controllers can receive computer input via HDMI and VGA, so as to be able to receive legacy video sources like composite video, S-Video and stock videos -which aren’t of the best quality. 

The Radium controller, on the other hand, raises the game in perfect 4K clarity. It has the ability to pull internet-based content – open up web browsers, and tap into social media live feeds.  

It can even receive content from network-based IP cameras, or live feeds from an encoder stream. Upon receiving the content, the operator can effortlessly map them onto the virtual windows that are located on the canvas.

The Radium controller suits your every need.

The Radium controller is highly adaptive. It can easily project onto 55in. ultra-thin bezel LED panel displays, where you can stack individual screens, side by side, to form columns and rows.

It can also work with projectors that are assembled together to create an entire projector canvas.

What’s more, it can even work with existing video wall installations – big or small (provided they are of compatible technology with the controller).  

Do more with your Radium Controller.

Other video wall controllers can only monitor information. The Radium controller can do that too, and much more!

It has the ability to collect data, convert it, and then store it on the in-built dashboard –  a welcome feature for fund houses and banks.

But what if you needed more dashboards? Not a problem.  

Simply use the controller to open up a web browser, then drag as many dashboards as you want onto the canvas.

If that’s not enough information, why not tap into RSS feeds for live updates?

And when there are new developments, the system will alert you immediately, so you are in the know, at all times. 

All your information is protected from prying eyes.

Besides being a multi-tasker, the Radium is also very protective of your content.

With its enhanced cybersecurity feature, all the information being displayed is only available to the invited participants, and no one else.

In short, security is tight, and the stealing, capturing or viewing of content by hackers is near impossible.

Enhance your vision with Radium.

So, if you’re looking to take your video wall capabilities to the next level, with unrivaled capabilities that allow you to do so much more, then there’s only one name to consider – the Radium controllers.

What do partners say about Radium controllers? 


Sembcorp embarked on a project to rejuvenate our office spaces.  One idea mooted was to have a video wall to showcase our global footprint.  After going through a thorough evaluation process, we chose NETe2asia.  Much to our pleasure, they were able to translate our vision, as well as the specification from our design, into reality at our workplace. (Learn More)

Kok Kin Lee

Vice President, Sembcorp

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