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Product Study: Radium

3 June, 2021

Have you ever noticed those large screens spanning across the streets or malls? The content displayed on them can differ from one another, mainly on depending on the decision of the user. These screens are referred to as video walls. These large-scale video projecting screens can literally be set up in any location. Our very own Matadox’s Radium Video Wall processing systems series delivers an unequaled degree of graphic rendering capacity that brings visualization to a whole new level with high-definition presentation. In contrast to other systems now available on the market, radium is very adaptable to modern market technologies.

Every Radium can be configured just however you like in just about any setup that has large displays and projection systems that are available in the market. As a scalable and expandable processor, Radium supports the wide range of input and output configurations. With Radium Control Management Software, the layouts may be pre-determined and set and recalled immediately. Various contents can be presented on the wall, particularly in mission-critical places, with the user-friendly management system.



Upon entering the library, visitors are welcomed with a video wall that displays media, such as films and animation shorts, along with event happenings and live feeds from ongoing workshops hosted in the library. To learn more about our Radium video wall or more on our project on Library@Orchard, do proceed to contact us using our contact form or email us at contact@nete2asia.com


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