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Technology Day 2021

16 July, 2021

NETe2 Asia Technology Day kicks off with exciting reveals, inspiration, and new opportunities, the past year stressed the need for agility to respond to the rapidly evolving technological needs and fast changing workplace or recreational environments. NETe2 Asia will highlight our innovative technology and solutions that allow extraordinary experiences in a variety of applications. 


NETe2 Asia’s own Webcast Portal is a bespoke solution that allows a significantly broaden access to information and events. When it comes to training workers or a company announcement, everyone can receive the same information and material at the same time, ensuring consistency. With our inhouse designers, we can customize the streaming portal to suit the company’s branding. Ensuring that the livestream looks professional, along with no limit to duration and attendees at a lower cost.

Video Streaming Cloud

NETe2 Asia’s Video Streaming Cloud is a system that will allow members of public or officers that are on the ground to initiate a video-call with either the operation center or the caller to stream live footage of the incident location using their own mobile phones while the call is in progress.

This capability will be beneficial by providing the operation center the ability to quickly obtain a quick situational picture on the ground even before the responding units arrive at scene.



Sirius Master VMS is an open-standard versatile software based VMS solution bringing together video security and third party systems into a single, reliable high performance platform. It supports a variety of hardware (cameras and encoders/decoders) from multiple vendors and offers the ability for customized integration with other systems or devices using an open platform software development kit. 

Sirius supports the use of sophisticated video analytics to detect specified, pre-defined behaviors. This advanced level of video analysis occurs either at the camera’s front end or through the video software. The objective is to accomplish proactive surveillance, which means detecting suspicious activity as it occurs rather than analyzing footage after the fact.

Pano Video Conferencing

The new normal and covid-19 pandemic has seriously disrupt how we communicate and collaborate. The social distancing of 1m apart, the wearing of facial mask has also in some way create ruptures in the way we do video conferencing too.

In our Pano video conferencing room setup, we added 2 more cameras and a video combiner. Now these 2 cameras are going to send their video into a video combiner which in turn will stich up these 2 video as 1 video. So how do you know who is talking to you or which one of them is the main speaker?

The table microphone is going to pick up the voice of the speaker and that will trigger that middle camera to zoom in to that person. The video combiner also take in this video feed and combine it together.

To learn more about our various solutions and technologies, contact us or email us at contact@nete2asia.com



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