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NETe2 Asia Technology Day: Webcast

22 July, 2021

COVID-19 has given an opportunity to reconsider how events, seminars or even AGMs are conducted. How can we make the most of virtual meetings if they have become the norm?

NETe2 Asia’s Webcast Portal

NETe2 Asia’s own Webcast Portal is a bespoke solution that allows a significantly broaden access to information and events. When it comes to holding trainings or a company announcement, everyone can join in the stream and receive the same information and material at the same time, all in the comfort of their own workspace or home. With our inhouse designers, we are able to customize the streaming portal to suit the company’s branding, bringing you a professional looking bespoke webcasting portal. NETe2 Asia is also able to achieve an extensive webcast with capabilities that accommodates for multiple video layouts for various presenters.


NETe2 Asia’s livestreaming solution can be easily set up quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. With benefits such as pre-created Layouts for ease of transition, consistent quality of livestream, ability to remotely control the camera, automatic microphone audio leveling, instant content monitoring and universal transmission for all distribution platforms.


Epiphan Pearl2

The Epiphan Pearl 2 is a Video Mixer and Encoder and it is the backbone of our livestreaming solution. Allowing various input connections, the Pearl2 is able to ingest the different inputs and allows the user to mix the videos to the layout of choice.

After mixing, the finalized video layout is then sent out to the distribution channel of choice to allow viewing. On the fly changes are also allowed on the Pearl2, allowing a smooth flow of the livestream. As it allows NDI inputs, the set-up is much cleaner as the only cable entering the Pearl2 is an ethernet cable, and its power source.

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With our in-house designers and developers, NETe2 Asia can customize the streaming portal to suit your company’s branding. We can help make your livestream looks professional, with no limit to duration and attendees. As a partner of Epiphan, we are well versed in the Pearl2’s capabilities and is able to bring out the most out of it, to bring you a seamless webcast and streaming solution.

To learn more about our webcast and streaming solutions, contact us or email us at contact@nete2asia.com


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