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Advanced Video Security technology partner

NETe2 Asia is proud to be an Advanced Video Security Technology partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This is an accomplishment that demonstrates our experience and expertise in the field, with multitudes of project that uses the services of AWS.


Singapore police force – fpd & shk

Adopting a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Architecture approach, the web tier, applications tier and database tier can be logically isolated in a virtual network. The admin station will allow user to upload and publish content to the hosted content server, utilizing local media player with the display, the media player will received the content via the content server and save the playlist and files. This connectivity reduce bandwidth for streaming as publish content are stored locally on the media player for playback. 

The Self-Help Kiosk (SHK) and Found Property Dropbox (FPD) uses enterprise grade zero-client as receiver to connect via VPN to access KIOSK backend e-services on AWS and G-Cloud. This ensure no data at rest is stored at the kiosk frontend devices, this results in a high security turnkey solution.